Envelope Printer

Envelope printer

Envelope printer allows printing envelopes (of course).

Other features of the envelope printer include advanced search, copy address, map address from patient home using google maps, review ranked(most frequently referred) providers by category.


2a. Type Search

2c.Advanced search fields by location or comment

2b. Select Category

  1. Setup Printer First

4 Selected Adress can be copied

  1. Select from this list

  2. Click to print

Previous Referrals

Previous Referrals can be displayed for a category and listed by rank or most recent


Shows previous referrals made to addressee listed by last date(shown in brackets)


Shows previous referrals made to addressee listed by rank  (number of referrals) (shown in brackets)

Previous Addressee of referrals for the current patient can also be shown by latest date


Google maps

Clicking 'Google maps' will display a map of the path from patients address to the referral address.



Favourites allows you to create a favourites list of addresses



Providers - set providers for the current patient. Shared with the providers used in patient centric documents.


Advanced search

Advanced search - allergist with specialty paediatric

If items stored with significant information hidden in comment Field

Simply search for 'aller'gist and enter 'paed' in the lower search comment box