DCP is read-only

DCP cannot write to the clinical database.

All updates of patient information require you to update within clinical software.

Refreshing DCP

DCP refreshes its view at regular intervals (configurable) of 30-120 seconds.

Refresh Click on the Refresh Icon left of patients Name to refresh the panel instantly.

'Garbage In' equals 'Garbage Out'


DCP cannot utilise non coded history items within a patient's medical history.

eg. If diabetes is not coded correctly the DCP will not be able to determine that a patient has diabetes.

Using DCP correctly will encourage correct data entry and data cleansing.

Finding DCP after installation

Icon for DCP is n the start menu under 'Doctors Control Panel'.

Tracking Patients

Open a patient in clinical software - DCP will switch to the patient automatically.

Child Pages

Auto-Start DCP

Access DCP settings.

Panel Prompts

Section Headings are dark and precede each line of section prompts. Eg Items

Panel Positioning

DCP panel has several ways to position the panel on-screen.