Patient preventive care  management for general practice.

Add-on for Australian medical software (MD3, BP or Medinet)


Management of Preventive Care is complex and time consuming.  Multiple clinical guidelines encompass  complex clinical rules regarding  preventive care.


DCP distills clinical status in coloured prompts.


This simplifies the role of GP in assessment of patients preventive care.



No dialog boxes. No need to navigate tabs and search lists in clinical software. Information is determined from available measures and processed against guidelines.



Each prompt on the DCP panel is click-able to allow further information to be shown.



DCP is fast, light on resources and self updating.



DCP has been developed by one GP over the last ten years and has over 3000 users.


Billing chronic disease management items is simplified by analysing patient eligibility, tracking completed items and providing prompts for billing status.



Paperwork for CDM items is assisted with the Patient Centric Documents feature in DCP



With DCP, distributing pathology and radiology results to patients allows eradication of phone calls at the front desk.



DCP can fill in on-line web forms and pdf documents using demographic and clinical data saving your time.


DCP prompts provide essential  situational awareness (eg chart BP with anti-hypertensives, chart HBA1C with diabetic medications) over time.

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