Clinical Macros
Sunday, 15 August 2021 in Release Notes

Automate clinical software

Repetitive tasks entering data into clinical software are all too frequent.

Managing Covid clinics has reinforced this point and has highlighted how reducing the cognitive burden inherent in workflow makes for a safer and more reliable process.

Consider tasks for data entry

  1. Open Patient File.
  2. Document discussion and consent and assessment for contraindications.
  3. Documentation varies for 1st and subsequent.
  4. Document discussion of side effects and following protocol for post vaccine observation.
  5. Document provision of appropriate patient education.
  6. Add Covid vaccination to clinical software noting side and Batch number.
  7. Add an appropriate 'Reason for consultation' either covid vaccine one or two.
  8. Add Billing Code.
  9. Close patient file.

These tasks are cross cutting concerns on the actual task at hand of checking safety, talking through patient concerns, administering the vaccine and monitoring post vaccination.

So what do we see being missed in the process

Many of the above are easy to erroneously be missed during a busy workflow.

Billing will be caught by secretarial staff (the grumpy 'Can you enter billing for Mr Blogs...')

Logical analysis

The only frequently changing variable for data entry are

  1. Az or pfizer.
  2. 1st or 2nd Dose.
  3. Side administered.

Hence for a common workflow such as this it would be ideal to have a reduced work flow for data entry.

Macros available in the clinical software patient notes writer can do the grunt work for data entry.

To enter the Immunisation, add reason for visit and add billing with a single click is possible using external macros that send keystrokes in sequence.

One option is a windows program AutoHotKey - requires that you have a hotkey combination for each macro.

Another is setting up an external keyboard or macropad which is a little complex and requires desk real estate.

DCP Macros

From the latest release of DCP 15/08/2021 Version 2021.8.15

New Macro functionality has been added with the capability of sending keystrokes to clinical software.

Macros in DCP will have to be configured by the user (not too difficult).

Macros enable opening the immunisation dialog , selecting vaccine, documenting side and saving to record, adding reason for consultation and adding an appropriate billing code.

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