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Patient Sticky Notes


Similar in function to windows sticky notes.


Sets of jot notes are stored per patient so that jottings appear when a patient is opened in clinical software if notes were created for that patient.


Notes are per user. (not visible to other users logged in to clinical software.


Notes data is stored in the cloud.


Notes store position , text and colour which can all serve to represent visual reminders and cues for personal datums to be remembered.


Highly visual. Highly effective.


Beware : Sticky Notes have NO UNDELETE.


Patient Sticky Notes is a separate application and must be installed and run from the DCP Functions launch button.


Animation of overlays in action



Clicking on BP and HBA1C


Hover over medications to view tooltips on dosing details



Graph Abnormal Pathology


Provides Historical graphs of abnormal pathology atomic data (eg HBA1C, eGFR, Hb) .


To Access simply click on the 'Abn Atoms' prompt and select from the list.


Chart will show below the list if there is historical data available



Medication Pricing Search

Adds ability to search for pricing on medications


Graphs on Prompt Data

Historical graphs of BP, BMI, weight and height



Paediatric BMI charts

Clicking on BMI prompt for paediatric patients will show historical charting of paediatric BMI on appropriate paediatric plot charts


Form Filler Bug fixes




Automate Data Entry in Forms

Inserts values automatically into on-line web forms and pdf documents.


Handily has a list of common forms for data entry.


At release of this DCP feature available forms include:


MyAged Care [on-line]

NDSS Application [pdf]

NDSS 6 Month [pdf]

NDSS Insulin Pump [pdf]

MPTP - Taxi Directorate[on-line](Vic only)

Heartscope (Vic only)


Requires configuration for performing customisation on new forms.


Forms can be in categories for personal , practice wide or shared amongst all DCP users.


Can be limited to particular Australian States.



Patient Centric Documents - All Templates are now editable

Previously Templates required you to duplicate the standard templates before being able to edit the template.  Now all templates are editable within a practice with edits being shared among users within a practice. If you make a mistake and wish to roll back after making an edit you can still do so. When you delete a template that is part of the standard set - it will reappear when you restart the DCP.

Bug fixes .

MD Future appointments for a patient was not working after the last supposed fix --  - now fixed - (again).

Template reloading of data for Patient Centric Documents now functional again.

Minor fixes for Performant reports.





Added ability to make Feature suggestions and up-vote on existing suggestions from within the DCP.

Feature suggestions and bug fixes can now be view and added within the application. Features can be voted on to help prioritise development.


Bug fixes

MD Future appointments for a patient was working intermittently - now fixed - (again).



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