Uploading Results after checking in results.

After checking results in clinical software


Open DCP Functions and Click on the DCP Results icon.


Note : Upload Results process has changed.


Use the new Uploads form to upload results and review enrollments for patients.

Select a doctor from the drop down to list their enrolled patients.


Only enrollments performed within the last 3 months can be displayed.


Any pending uploads will be listed initially.


Use the Filters to

1. Show only patients with pending uploads or show all enrollments within prior 3 months.

2. Exclude enrollments that have been marked as completed.

3. Filter by on-line result availability.


Uploading is performed for individual patients via clicking on the upload link in the far right column.



Doctor Selection


Pending uploads and previous uploads will be displayed here.

Columns Description


Enrol Date = Result of SMS when sending enrollment.


Req Tests = list of requested tests for the enrollment.


Online Results = Results already uploaded and made available.


Result Notification = Result of SMS sent to patient when result made available.


Excluded Tests = Tests that were marked as excluded (No result /display)


View Online = Open patient results on-line


Mark Complete = Once you are satisfied all results are uploaded for the enrollment mark as complete disable any further uploads for the enrollment.


New Results - Results that are available to upload.


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