DCP Seems to be detecting the wrong user after switching back to my user profile on a workstation.


The DCP Detects the MD user who was the most recent to log into MD on a workstation.


When a user swaps profiles – does not log out of windows but uses the change user / swap user feature available in windows it can result in users previously logged in to MD to be remembered.


Example usage in a day

User1 logs in to windows then logs in to MD and starts DCP – ALL GOOD.


User2 logs in to windows by swapping from User 1(User 1 is not logged out, and their profile is left logged in with programs running) and opens MD and starts DCP --  ALL GOOD.


User1 then switches to their profile and still has MD running(on their MD user account) and DCP running, but due to User2 being the last person to login to MD on the machine, DCP will detect the current user as User2, confusing User1.  NOT GOOD.




User 1 Is logged out before user 2 logs in.  ALL GOOD.

User1 closes and restarts MD after switching back to their profile – now they are the most recent login to MD.  ALL GOOD.



Unfortunately this is a bug in the way  MD stores the last log-in to the machine – in the Machine Registry hive rather than the users registry hive.


When running on terminal services their can be similar issues when multiple logins are performed on the User 1 profile by different MD users – all would need to be given their own windows login profile.


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