Doctors Control Panel software requires Australian medical software clinical packages Medical Director, Best Practice or Medinet.


DCP WILL NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT one of the clinical packages installed.

DCP CAN USE billing packages Pracsoft or Best Practice management if available to provide billing information.



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Option 1.

 ClickOnce installer - does not require administrator privileges.

Slow Stream (Updates rolled out less frequently than Fast Stream)

Recommended for most GP's.

Doctors Control Panel


Use Internet Explorer (NOT Chrome/Firefox etc as these may not work with ClickOnce).

Get started with DCP by simply clicking install.


Installs to ClickOnce Cache of user (not Program Files directory).


Start menu item is created under "Doctors Control Panel".

This application requires access through firewall to the following base URL's for install files and results service for cloud storage of settings for cloud access to templates

Install Doctors Control Panel


DCP uses click-once technology for ease of setup and maintenance.


Option 1 is a standard click-once installer which installs DCP for the current user only. (Recommended for most users).


Option 2 installs an icon to the start menu for all users on a PC.  Will run as a click-once application (recommended for terminal servers or larger install scenarios).


Option 3 is for testers requiring the latest development build(Fast Stream).


The DCP executable is signed with publishing certificate. This allows extraction of the certificate and installation into the the trusted publishers store to prevent the UAC prompts of windows.  The publisher certificate (Slow Stream) and instructions are also available here.


Note: if error occurs during install or update try disabling anti-virus temporarily (have seen this issue with Trend Micro AV, however no issues running the DCP application )

Option 2.  Icon installer -   Requires administrator privileges.

Recommended for IT support staff installing for multiple GP's on the same computer or Terminal services.

Download the setup file.

Doctors Control Panel

Option 3.

 Fast Stream. ClickOnce installer.

DCP Beta -- Features Updates occur frequently ~ weekly

Doctors Control Panel Beta


Use Internet Explorer (NOT Chrome/Firefox etc as these may not work with ClickOnce).

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