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 Before the patient leaves a consultation we need to ensure recommendations of routine care are attended.


 In fact the name 'Doctors Control Panel' is modeled after 'Ships Control Panel' (also known as Christmas Tree) which existed on submarines to indicate status of hatches, vents and floods. The 'Ship Control Panel' required all indicators green before allowing the sub to dive.

Ships Control Panel

Doctors Control Panel


In much the same way as the Ship Control Panel provides status of hatches, vents and floods on a submarine, the Doctors Control Panel software augments clinical software with automatic analysis of recommended guidelines for a patient.


A glance at the DCP before a patient leaves consultation enables us to assess a patient's preventive care status, and thus promote interventions.


Clinical improvement with better outcomes and accreditation requirements are more easily satisfied when using the DCP.


Patient satisfaction improves through provision of more complete preventive care during consultation.


DCP introduces new work-flows, particularly with the provision of results, and streamlines existing work-flows.

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