Task Flows

Task flows are simply task oriented interventions performed on patients subsets, for example Pneumovax immunisation for those over 65 or at high risk.

Tasks can be run to select the patient population, assign a task work item, perform recall via letter or SMS text message, track progress and also show the task on the DCP panel.

List of available tasks.

Open a task by simply double-clicking right clicking and selecting from the menu.



Click the Start button to select the first batch of patients

Open clinical software on patient

Grey fields are read only.

View patient demographics

Relevent Immunisation Details

Task Details


Can be auto-populated via settings

Record any exclusion reason.

Task Matrix in action




Use Settings to setup extra columns


Columns that allow recall include an SMS Messaging Column and Print Template column.






Use the SMS column to send a predefined SMS message to the patient. (Will need to purchase SMS credits to use this) SMS cost is approx 12 to 15 cents per sms.)

Use the template to column to print letters or information sheets.

Use the reminder column to record when a reminder has been added to clinical software for a task.

Use the telephone column to record when that a telephone call has been made to poatient regarding a task.

Use the DCP Linking to link the task on to the DCP Panel

Text to fill the Task automatically

Extra Columns


SMS column allows sending recall SMS text Message



DCP column shows date when patient opened in DCP and task shown to a user.


Task Outcome contains the task outcome as entered in DCP




Task Shows on DCP Panel  at the bottom when DCP Linking is activated and patient has a Task active.





Clicking on task opens the Record Outcome and followup pages.

Note that for a simple immunisation Task - administering vaccine will automatically fill in the outcome.

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