SMS is cheap and convenient for many situations for sending noncritical information.


DCP allows sending arbitrary text messages with the sender ID set to the clinic main telephone (not exposing personal mobile number).


Attach PDF File (up to 4 MB) in size or automatically convert rich text to pdf for uploading.


Click SMS Patient



Validate the mobile number

and click / check the permission box



Number of available sms credits shown

Click button to purchase more credits online

Credits are shared within a practice



Type your message



Select a PDF file to attach



As you type the number of message segments will display on this button.

Large SMS are sent in segments with each segment costing 1 unit.



Convert rich text and attach as pdf



This is the convert rich text form

Paste any rich text here and click the

button at bottom to convert and attach



Attached documents are inserted as links into the message.

When the patient receives the sms they will be able to click on the link to download the pdf.

Most smart phones can display pdf.



When ready to send click the Send button.

Click it a second time to confirm and the DCP will then send the SMS.


Patient first name and senders name or clinic name is inserted into message prior to sending

SMS can be sent at any time.


Why send an SMS during consultation?




Reinforcement of the explanation provided during consultation is an obvious goal for any ancillary follow-up information provided to the patient.


Why not just explain and print an information sheet?


Printed information is very useful however often ends up not being read or being discarded.


How many patients would be able to find the information sheet several days or weeks or months later?


How many patients would explore HTML links from a printed page?



SMS advantage.


There are several advantages associated with sending an SMS message to a patient containing information regarding the subject matter at hand.


SMS text information will remain on a personal phone and be easily accessed and found at a later date.


HTML links and video links can simply be clicked on to open the relevant web-page or video.


The immediacy and convenience of having information recorded in a text message cannot be overstated.


SMS messages are cheap and convenient. Compared to printing an information sheet SMS is cost comparable if not cheaper.


SMS is also often faster and more convenient for the user to simply click on a button rather than load paper and print then hand to patient.

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