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Feature Table

Feature Description Requires Subscription Providers Only
Billing Timeline Shows a billing timeline on Panel
Billing Prompts All Billing Related Prompts on Panel
Patient Centric Documents Opens the DCP Document templating sytem for completion of complex documents
Team Centric Documents Opens the Document templating sytem for patieints with appointments for completion of basic documents
Print Address Envelope Opens the envelope printer with address book integration. Enables printing of envelopes to addressees, patient and return envelopes
Form Macro Automation Form Automation enables filling Adobe PDF and web forms with standard field information such as patient demographics.
Patient Sticky Notes Post-It notes for patients with information stored outside the clinical system having multiple uses.
CV Risk Calculate Shows cardiovascular risk calculator with patient values. Allows tuning variables - use to demonstrate effects to patient
Send SMS to Patient Send SMS to patients using the DCP SMS integration. Requires purchase of SMS credits.
Upload Patient Results Upload pathology and radiology results for enrolled patients in the DCP result system
Medscope HMR Referral Send Home Medication Review referral using Medscope HMR client application
Medication Pricing Look up medication pricing
Latest Results Viewer View all distinct latest results from pathology and radiology-only shows the latest result of each type
Todays Pending Appoint's Open a list of pending appointments for today shown as individual DCP panels
Custom List Viewer Maintain a custom list for individual patients
Family Members Viewer View family members as individual DCP panels-requires that family members are linked in the billing system
Basic Information Tables Opens a list of basic information tables
Dashboard Business Intelligence Dashboard of business intelligence charts allowing charting of retrospective billing performance
Dashboard Performant Charts Dashboard of performance data across most of the individual DCP panel prompts enabling comparison within a practice
Dashboard Health Campaigns Run Campaigns for health interventions (eg Immunisation drives) using SMS messages
Basic Statistics Export Search and export basic statistics
BMJ BP Reference Site Opens patient medical history list. Click on history items to open the British medical Journal best practice reference website link for the history item
AMH Reference Site Opens a list of patient medications. Clicking on medications will open the Australian Medicines Handbook website on the medication
10 QI PIP Report Simple view of the 10 QI PIP items
MBS Cheat Sheat Simple cheat sheet of common MBS items