4.2017.920 Major Update

Updated Pathology section warnings for un-notified results

The existing 'Notify' prompt is red when there are any results which require discussion but not been marked as notified, otherwise it is orange

However it is not as obvious as it should be and does not check the date of the un-notified results to determine if they are imported subsequent to date of last visit.

Clicking on it shows the details

12 (or more) Results remain unnotified



New 'Discuss' prompts have been added to facilitate effective detection of un-notified results particularly results that have been imported since the last visit.

Red discuss prompts (also include the name  of the test) represent results not marked as notified, imported after date of last visit and have been designated as discuss or return urgent.




Clicking on either shows the details eg


Was patient recalled for this?

This result seems to be marked for discussion and has been imported following the last visit.

Please discuss result for SE- CHEMISTRY and mark notified.

Orange discuss prompts are similar and represent results not marked as notified, imported before date of last visit and have been designated as discuss or return urgent.

Added Meningococcal ACWY immunisation prompt

Meningococcal ACWY prompt added for states where the vaccine is state funded for 15-19yo.

New Performant Charts feature added

 Performant charts are an evolution of PDSA(Plan Do Study Act) and are a practical tool for practice owners, practice managers and those interested in improving preventive care delivered by general practice.


Read more about Performant charts here


Watch the video here


Updated the Business Intelligence charts feature

 Now uses new more reliable graphing technique.



Added feature to allow viewing accurate live pricing information on medications.

Medication Pricing available for patients listed medications.


fixed MD Fam Hx detection

fixed Task Flow Waiting room print sheet error causing application to crash




Minor Update

Minor Update. Added Measurement for AUSDRISK for Best Practice Only(MD does not score AUSDRISK) and implemented schedule of testing plus altered glucose testing schedult to match guidelines.


Updated billing timeline colouring

Multiple Bug Fixes

Updated Beta Task Flows


Incoming Correspondence:

Increased detection of FOBT & colonoscopy from Incoming Correspondence Titles, Description and Category

MBS item Counts for allied Health:

Following item numbers will have Max 5 per calendar year



Following item numbers will have Max 10 per calendar year



After Max count prompts will remain Green till the Next year rolls around.



MBS Quick Reference Screen overlay

Access quick reference for common MBS items.  Acess via Function Icon on top right of DCP panel.

FOBT functionality :

Free SMS Message -  Send SMS with link to information and video

to enhance compliance in completing FOBT testing.

FOBT prompt also shows National bowel cancer screening schedule.


Excel export function added to Task Flows.:




Enhanced Address Book:

Envelope printer address book now allows search by suburb or postcode as well as comment field. Additional tab for Ranked and recent referrals allows viewing lists of referred consults by rank and by most recent. Favourites allows custom list of favourite addressees.


Multiple minor fixes to various areas of DCP.


New videos added to the multimedia page.



Zostavax Immunisation Prompt:

The shingles vaccine, Zostavax®, has been approved to be placed on the National Immunisation Program (NIP), to be provided free of charge from 1 November 2016 to people aged 70 years, subject to vaccine supply. There will also be a five year catch-up program for people aged 71 – 79 years.

The implementation of new vaccination programs under the NIP is a major task that takes approximately 12-18 months from receipt of Government funding approval. This time is required for activities such as the procurement of vaccine; vaccine safety surveillance planning; development of appropriate communications; and negotiation with states and territories regarding implementation requirements and timing. In the case of the Zostavax® vaccine, time is also required to develop and roll out an adult vaccination register.

For more information about Zostavax®, refer to the zoster section of the Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th edition 2015.

For more information on herpes-zoster (shingles), refer to the shingles page.

Share Health Summary Prompts:

A shared health summary is a crucial part of the My Health Record system.  The Shared Health Summary (SHS) represents the patient's status at a point in time. The structure of a patient's SHS is underpinned by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP's) template for a GP health summary. The SHS can be created or updated at any consultation, and may include information about a patient's medical history, including:



Adverse reactions


The most recently uploaded SHS in an individual's My Health Record is likely to be the first document accessed by any other healthcare professional viewing a patient's My Health Record.



 Panel icons have been removed from the bottom area and accessed from a single icon on the top.

This new arrangement allows conservation of screen real estate.


Icon to trigger refresh data is now preceding patient name.


Access settings for DCP from new icon on top right.


DCP can be docked into mini view on the right hand side of the screen by simply dragging the DCP panel to the right. Undocked by dragging mini view away from the right.


add and remove favourites using the ribbon icon on the overlays for prompts.


Close the DCP by clicking the cross at the top right then confirm by clicking the power icon.

Chronic disease:

A new section for chronic diseases has been added. Currently contains a prompt for chronic kidney disease. This prompt will be shown when the DCP calculates a chronic kidney disease stage to be present yet not documented in the past history.

EPC Items in Best Practice:

When Annual Health Assessment or Care plan is due, DCP will check the relevent EPC Items in Best Practice and display an asterix* on the panel prompt for these items when there is an EPC  assessment under way and available to be finalised and billed.

Clicking on the prompt will show further information including the date and whether it is finalised.

This is especially useful if nurses are using the BP EPC items

and you are having remembering to finalise and bill the item

when a patient presents.





Bug Fixes - multiple including a critical error causing crashes in certain circumstances.


Additional waiting room information shown including in consultation patients, future appointments for current patient and more.

Bug Fixes - multiple


New Settings User Interface added

New functionality with ability to send SMS to patients using practice phone as the sender ID. Has ability to attach documents(pdf) to the sms message.


DCP Startup time reduced and Bug on Detection of  Pracsoft billing database detection fixed.


Added SMS Message functionality.  Allows sending SMS text messages direct to patients. Also has ability to send PDF files via links within SMS. Requires purchase of SMS text Credits. These are available for purchase within DCP at 12c to 15c depending on quantity ordered.

See Here


Updates to new HMR Plugin for Beta Testers

Alternate start Options for Task Flows - via icons on desktop


New Task Flow Features - SMS send capability, Waiting Room trigger

Minor updates to DCP Panel UI


Task Flow Enhancements - new columns, printing


Major update. New feature = Task Flows Beta (In development) Preview

Task Flows supersede the old Patient Register function.

Task Flows are  a dynamic Spread Sheet with lists of patents matching filter criteria.  It  tracks recalling patients by printed letter, SMS telephone contact or by adding a recall to clinical software.

Tasks such as performing immunisation can be entered and then tracked. Tasks can “flow” to the DCP panel users during next consultation with the patient. Actions can be documented and follow up tasks can be entered. Some tasks will automatically complete when a specific action is taken e.g. administering vaccine and entering such information into clinical software.

User interface changes include user interface changes to multiple areas of  DCP


Fixed bug in GPMP template

Other small bug fixes


Fixed bug in TCA and GPMP review date calculation introduced in last update

Other small bug fixes



Cardiovascular Risk Re-calculator NNT calculation added

Fixed bug in NIDDMRE prompt

Improved detection of MHCP and certain other billing prompts



 CV Risk Update, and minor fixes

Fixed problem with cholesterol value detection and CV Risk calculator

Added new CV Risk Calculation Tool for comparing intervention outcomes , NNT and Treatment Years


Cumulative Updates from 2008 to June 2015


June 28, 2015



4.2015.0.4063 5/05/2015 Fixed bug in BP detection coded history items.

 4.2015.0.4048 10/03/2015 Fixed bug in dcpresults service which caused failure of upload results in certain circumstances. Removed dependency on library ComponentFactory and updated multiple UI forms. Updated billing detection engine for improved rule support. Fixed minor bug in licencing code. Relocated Webserver and data services to a large datacenter in Melbourne with facility to load balance and expand on demand. Migrated some settings and data storage to the new cloud. 2/10/2014 Utilising new Cloud cache for PDF documents. Updated menus and references for many guidelines as well as updated to the Medicare 2014 MBS schedule. I have performed a review of the new Medicare schedule for 2014 and could find no reference within the Medicare guidelines for recommended interval of Team care arrangements and GP management plans (recommended interval previously two years). The Medicare schedule for 2014 section A.37 now only includes the minimal claiming period (12 months). DCP has been updated to follow the guidance within the Medicare schedule. 15/09/2014 ** New website. New subscription management facility available through the DCP about form — you can check on licence subscriptions and see which doctors have active subscriptions. Transfer of licence activations from doctor to doctor is now a snap – this is handy for practices with rotating registrars. There is a limited number of transfers allowed per licence.

 Note that you now have unlimited SMS messages for notifying patients of results via the service so there has been a price rise to offset cost to reflect the costs of the SMS service. 15/06/2014 **dcpresults.com service is now free to use but will be a subscriber only feature (SMS costs will be rolled in to subscription pricing). Updated the user interface for uploading results and enrolling patients for dcpresults. Updated dcpresults help page. dcpresults upload list now highlights test results requested by other GP’s/consultants. Migrated DCP to Dotnet runtime version 3.5. New icon on panel opens a Business intelligence dashboard for billing history trend analysis. Pracsoft billing data is now available when using BPM while transitioning after change from Pracsoft to BPM (requires Pracsoft installed and HCN database accessible). 08/05/2014 Enabled access to Patient Centric Document Templates for Non providers. Users without provider numbers do not require licencing of DCP and have restricted access. There have been multiple requests to allow access to PCD’s. Rather than require subscription by Non-providers, the DCP now allows selection of active subscriber to allow completion of PCD by non-providers. 28/04/2014 Multiple minor updates to DCP panel plus Major rewrite of internals with new rules engine. Multiple bug fixes. Multiple updates to templates.


2.50.3826 21/11/2013 Fixed problem of changes to Patient Centric Document Providers not always updating Template output. 17/11/2013 Added new Pathology Atom items in Settings with a single default prompt for Vit D testing annually if previous Vit D level is low. Added Fixed bugs in detection BP DM cycle of care items(some errors remain). Added new PCD templates. Script overlay was causing problems – flashing in front of new scripts, so have disabled it be default – will need to fix the bug before it is enabled by default in settings. 23/09/2013 Added script writing overlay of patient name when writing scripts. ( Overlays a partial transparent hint for pt name to clinical software script dialog) . Will help to avoid writing scripts in wrong pt file if multiple files open. Added multiple new questionnare templates to PCD’s. 09/08/2013 Major overhaul of internal workings. DCP compatible with Medinet clinical software. Removed dependency on SqlCe (one time upgrade of settings when application starts). Fixed glitch caused by Wedgetail server going offline(caused a pause/lockup while DCP checked for availability of Wedgetail server) – Wedgetail no longer used in favour of custom results server – dcpresults.com. 24/06/2013 Improved BP item detection for various examinations. Improved DCP Results upload – added new grid with advanced functionality eg view results in tooltips, edit result designation and comment before upload, view previously uploaded results, better handling of results checked by doctors other than the requesting doctor and ability to view the patients results web page. 06/03/2013 Major Release: Replaces Wedgetail with dcpresults.com(new website created just for distributing results). New results service uses SMS to distribute results. 15/11/2012 Zedmed compatible almost – still in testing. Improved user detection for new MD3/PS3 database schema. Changed printer setup on Envelope printer. Migrated web server to Windows Azure Cloud. 06/07/2012 Added ages 1 & 2 to age filter. Added ability for templates to hide checkbox and radio glyphs. Updated templates. 05/07/2012 Added BZD and Opiod warning prompts A Few more error fixes to boot. 01/07/2012 Minor error fixes for MD user detectoin. PCD templates updated. 05/06/2012 Rewrite of some of the core code to speed up DCP. Have achieved fourfold speed increase on detecting patient changes and 3 fold speed increase in loading patient data in to DCP. Other minor improvements. 10/05/2012 Added information Prompts displaying number of Documents and Pathology results added to clinical record since date of last visit.

 Added P450 medication interaction prompts covering 18 mediction interaction groups (109 Modifiers and 324 substrates are covered) to provide guidance on medications that interact via the common P450 Iso Enzyme systems. Interactions are classified Severe, Moderate or Weak.

 Fixed a problem with Best Practice version incorrectly detecting PS3 as the active billing package after clinical and billing systems were migrated from HCN–>BP. 22/04/2012 Enabled a Fix for an obscure Windows XP only bug causing DCP to lockup & run slowly –> Error arises due to a missing FileSecurity attribute on one of the Machine Key files used by DotNet. This only affects Users of Windows XP that lack administrator privileges when Sql Server Compact uses the machine default Cryptography Key. I have coded a fix into the DCP but it requires running the DCP app while logged into the affected machine as administrator.

 Vaccine Declined will now show up on Panel as Grey Coloured Prompt. 21/04/2012 Fixed bug in BP version templates PHx not picking up uncoded items.

 Added Settings option to control memory optimisation. Disabling memory optimisation may help if DCP runs slowly/locks (occurs when paging file in heavy use). 02/04/2012 Added new ability to create (hatch) online patient records on Wedgetail website and upload patient information to the electronic record. A patient access sheet (with user name and password) is printed when patients are created and can be reprinted later if necessary. Patients can use the access sheet to view their online record and , perhaps more importantly from a workflow point of view, patients will control access to their record. By showing the access sheet to other providers thus allowing other care providers access to their record, patients have in effect been delegated trust management for the electronic online health record. This will allow us to upload referrals and team care arrangements, update the electronic records and complete the mechanism of distribution within 30 seconds. Imagine – no more printing and stuffing envelpes. The patient controls access and effects distribution. 23/03/2012 Major release version 2. All versions of DCP amalgamated into single code base and install. Will stagger deployment over the next week to ensure no bugs arise. Starting with MD3+PS3 version migration today. Some settings will be lost during the upgrade (PatientDataDirectory and CustomTargets will be preserved).Added a Quick Table Info Icon to Icons on bottom of panel. 28/02/2012 Added a Setting for fluvax availability – in Settings->ImmunisationCodes->InfluenzaVaccineAvailable. 20/02/2012 Fixed bug in BP versions detecting practice address and contact details. Improved MD address and contact details detection. Added ability yo anonymize patient details on upload to research server. Rolled out research project for Adelaide Uni to first few enrolled practices in Adelaide. Added ability to specify ATSI states in ATSI filter (Not documented/Ab/ATSI/TSI/Aboriginal, TSI or ATSI 01/02/2012 Added antipsychotic monitoring rules on multiple prompts and a new monitoring prompt to medication section. Moved Warfarin warning to medication section. 14/01/2012 Added Therapeutic monitoring prompts for Digoxin, Carbamazepine, Valproate, Clozapine and lithium. Also added rules for associated FBE/LFT/ELECT monitoring in presence of these medications (plus LFT for Methotrexate). 11/01/2012 Improved PCD Template detection of pathology items eg Pap Smear. 09/01/2012 Fixed DCP twittter for IE6 users. Adjust pneumovax recommendations (only 2 doses now recommended). Fixed Template output for Physical Activity Assessments.

 Begun testing DCP Zedmed pre release version. 30/12/2011 Fixed a bug in Waiting room – affected BP versions when new / unknown patient in WR. 29/12/2011 Added New Templates – CMA, HONOS, various questionnaires etc. Added ability to search PCD template list. Improved MBSItem prompt detecting existing billed items when not automatically passed rules. Plus various other billing detection improvements. 19/12/2011 Added ability to print PCDs on arrival of patient in Waiting Room (MD & BP versions). Fixed error on calculating review / repeat due for TCA/GPMP when item doable. 12/12/2011 Added paediatric catchup prevenar 13 immunisation prompt. Fixed issues with MD3 standalone version not allowing editing of settings. Changed name of ‘Access Mode’ to ‘PopupTriggerMode’ in settings and added option for popping up DCP in response to patients being added to the waitiing room. 08/12/2011 Tweaked Access Mode which allows front desk staff to view patient popup on entry of patient appointment in appointment book. Added Details on waiting room time for current patient. Fixed waiting room clock for >60minute waiting. 06/11/2011 Fixed bug with Adobe Reader 10 – now will open reference pdf’s on correct page.

 Updated MBS reference pdf to November 2011 release. Updated MBS Item rule for new MHCP item numbers. 17/09/2011 Fixed waiting room and Appointment List Functions for BPC+PS3 version of DCP— was nonfunctional.

 Updated MBS references to 2011-07. 08/09/2011 The CDE(Credentialed Diabetes Educator) item is a new addition. The DCP will only show the CDE item if you have a CDE onboard and will only show the nurse item if you have a nurse onboard (i.e. existing billings for the items).

 Have added a new wizard available via right click on certain panel items – opens PCD document templates directly and will simplify PCD item completion. At present the menu items will not appear unless you select templates in settings for panel items. At later date I will update the settings and create a few new templates.

 Fixed a critical bug with the BPC/PS3 version of DCP. 03/08/2011 DCP now retains position when patient changes after DCP is dragged around the screen(uless dragged off screen in which case it will re-position to the bottom right).

 Added simple Growl Messenger application see- Growl Messenger 22/07/2011 DCP integrated with Growl for Windows. This new feature requires that you install Growl for Windows. Growl for windows is a fantastic free open source application based on the original MAC-OSX version. DCP growling requires that you setup individual notifications within DCP settings. Immunisation and Recalls can be Growled, simply by enabling them in Growl. See the help page http://www.pracsoftutilities.com/HelpandSupport/tabid/58/TID/31/cid/3/Default.aspx


1.43.2770 20/07/2011 Toggle detail level of DCP between 1(min)-3(max) using new icon on top of panel. This is useful if learning DCP or too busy to concentrate on all prompts and you just need the core set of prompts.

 Added ability to search custom text within Recalls, Actions, Consult Diagnoses and Past Medical History using the FilterCustomField available in the APCC stats Filter. 18/07/2011 Added prompt for Occupational History. Due to difference between MD3 and BP the Social History prompt has been refined. In MD3 displays red if social history not recorded, however the prompt will include marital status and sexuality in tooltip when green. In BP the Social Hx prompt will be red unless other social hx/carer/accommodation or recreation are recorded and tooltip will display most of the recorded items in BP. 12/07/2011 Updated Best Practice Version to include Social History prompt. Improved BP Fam Hx prompt. Included Occupation in MD3 Social History prompt assessment. 11/07/2011 Added Social History to panel prompts(Note: AGPAL Accreditation requirements include recording social history for majority ( percentage?) of patients). Updated Immunisation PBS coverage data. 02/07/2011 Added 3 new prompts to the DCP panel (shown yellow) to aide coding and problem list managment.

 1. Recent Diagnoses – displays the most recent diagnoses entered into clinical software when clicked (max 10 items). This prompt will hopefully promote use of your clinical softwares consultation diagnoses entry facility because this facility greatly enhances problem list managment – and its already in your clinical software.

 2. Uncoded Summary Items – displays the medical history summary items that are not ‘coded’. Important diagnoses need to be coded. You can quickly review uncoded items by clicking on this prompt and hoepfully this will get you coding items.

 3. Active Summary Items – displays the medical history summary items marked as active. This list can be review at glance and items that are no longer active should be de-activated in medical history. This can also serve as a prompt for ‘Problem List’ items.

 Also – Fixed an issue with Best Practice versions not displaying the waiting room. 08/06/2011 Removed Red Book Guideline Download from DCP. Sorry for the inconvenience but the Red Book download will now have to be done manually. 31/05/2011 Fixed threading issue causing slow startup on some single CPU machines and TS sessions.

 New iphone app called iWedgetail now available in the app store for patients to receive results from the wedgetail results service. iWedgetail has been developed independently by an iphone developer (Mathew Eno) to complement the wedgetail results service. 26/05/2011 Added Preview of imminent Appointments as button on panel. 06/05/2011 Added additional multithreading to speed up certain program operations and startup time. Added Fenofibrate to default statin related meds(was left out of last update). 18/04/2011 Microalbumin result will override Urine Analysis when microalbumin is up to date and UA is not up to date i.e. UA will appear Green. Cardiovascular absolute Risk algorithm tweaked to match the online cvdrisk calculator(now ignores diastolic and treatment with Statin/ACEI). 06/04/2011 Immunisation prompts now respect declined immunisations and prompts will not show if patient has recorded a corresponding declined immunisation (MD3). Changed behaviour of the Statin prompt so that it will now change to green if Ezetrol / other antilipid agents in medication list. Removed the CVRisk prompt (no-one is using the outdated CVRisk calculator in MD as we now have the absolute cardiovascular risk to go by). Changed the Absolute cardivascular risk calculator algorithm slightly (but algorithm still gives a lower score than the online calculator at cvdcheck.org.au , by 1-2). Changed the FVC and FEV1 prompts into extended prompts so the panel is less ‘busy’. This update will overwrite the saved settings with new defaults. 01/04/2011 Improved APCC immunisation stats detections routine. Fixed colour error on influenza prompt(prompt appeared Green instead of yellow on April 1st). 31/03/2011 ATSI Health checks updated to match new criteria

 Child (0-15) ATSI Check – 12 monthly recomended with 9 monthly minimum

 Adult(15-55) ATSI Check 12 monthly recomended with 9 monthly minimum

 Older Adult ATSI Check 12 monthly recomended with 9 monthly minimum

 Fixed a bug in Wedgetail results search (if results notified was not uploading)


Fixed immunisation colour for updated today items. Changed default colour (bright green) for items ‘updated today’. 23/03/2011 Extended the result lookup period for Wedgetail results and added a note on the Ticket printer re ticket expiry. Improved startup and removed some checking which caused DCP to appear to hang for 60 seconds (if no internet or firewall prevented accessing pracsoftutilities.com for update status) for some users . 12/03/2011 Improved application startup – Splash form no longer hogs screen and can be closed by clicking on it. 07/03/2011 Removed H1N1 Prompt. Added Prompt notifying of pending licence expiry. 13/02/2011 Added Medication checks for CCF – ACEI & Beta Blocker. Fixed bug Notification window Z-Ordering – clicking on error notification window was failing to activate it in some circumstances. Fixed a bug with SqlServer Mobile 4.0 installation.

 NOTE: DCP Will no longer run on windows 2000 and requires Service Pack 3 for windows XP. This is due to SqlServer Mobile dependencies on enhanced RSA encryption( this is the Microsoft Windows upgrade path biting). 04/02/2011 Added Prompt for Pending i.e Future appointments, so now you dont have to go to the billing package to find when the next appointment is booked.


Fixed a bug on BP login form where incorrect password fails to login when correct password is subsequently provided. Changed ATSI Health Check MBS Items to three items


Child (0-15) ATSI Check – 9 monthly

 Adult(15-55) ATSI Check 18 monthly

 Older Adult ATSI Check annual

 These item numbers clash with 45-49 yo health check, 4yo kids check and NIDDMRE. Consequently I have disabled those items for ATSI patients in the rules of application by default.


Updated a few path naming items. Enabled Licencing renewal. Fixed a bug in Licencing context info where it was not displaying accurate runcount. Fixed Pathology Item rule bug occurring when some users tried to set a pathology item to once only. Upgraded to Krypton Controls 4.3.1 which should fix a few User control paint errors. Upgraded to SqlServerCe 4.0 for database local storage. Fixed Bug on the Wedgetail Results Policy Settings Grid which garbled the display. Improve Load/Startup speed of the application. 17/12/2010 Fixed MBS Item 10997. 10997 prompt now shows number of items in calendar year. Improved detection TCA, MHCP, DMMR and RMMR based on history previous item performed. Fixed CCF template font bug. 01/12/2010 Maintainence release of MD3 versions. Minor Bug fix. 26/10/2010 Corrected alcohol assessment detection for BP versions. 17/09/2010 Added Wedegtail reporting and automation, available on wedgetail ticket printer once you have a wedgetail user name/password. 13/08/2010 New PCD template snippet type added (Manual Choice). New PCD Templates – MHCP, SNAP, Lifescripts etc. Fixed MBS items where review period not elapsed but item period elapsed(would erroneously display item as being due for repeat). Fixed and improved the Pathology notified prompt – will now indicate if there are any results marked as Discuss/return by showing Red . 06/08/2010 Added new Percentage Chart to Stats analysis – shows percentage of guideline engine recommendations that are Up to date at end of consultation for each consultation in last twelve months. Fixed problem with Address book having multiple possible addresses in Best Practice but DCP would only allow use of the first address. Fixed bug with AHA filter on stats form. 29/07/2010 Added chart showing changing stats over time on APCC form. Fixed ETOH Target bug. Fixed BPC stats for enumerating ‘All patients’ vs ‘consulted in time period’. 13/07/2010 Major new feature added to APCC stats form — CONSULT ANALYSIS. This feature accurately analyses all consultations over a 12 month period and creates visual charts of guideline and billing performance. It allows comparison of GP performance. Other new features include addition of alcohol/smoking/family history assessment date – this means the DCP will show green/yellow/red for these items as per other prompts. Moved the Smoker and Risky alcohol warnings to the Targets section. Also many bug fixes in this release – fixed immunisation counter, aspirin now checks dipyridamole, fixed register export fields (Statin, GPMP, TCA, UA Prot) plus many other minor changes. Animation added to highlight new feature on APCC form. 06/07/2010 Fixed Pathology prompts and Wedgetail upload which were not working on last update. 05/07/2010 Added new quick pick panel and enhanced filter editing for statistics. Enabled all report items by default on statistics reporting. Added print button to statistics. Added ability to automatically open Excel exported registers from statistics. Fixed a bug on FloatFilter filter. 02/07/2010 Access Mode is now disabled by default. When enabled, Access Mode trigggers the DCP to popup when a new appointment is added to appointment book, but caused confusion / irritation for some users not actually entering appointments. Re-enable Acces mode in Settings. Fixed a few rare major Bugs and a few minor Bugs. 29/06/2010 Added Colour Customisation for DCP Panel colours (to aid users who have visual colour perception impairment). 27/06/2010 Added Retrospective/historical View. Changed appearance of some of the forms (using Krypton Controls). Fixed occasional errors occuring with ‘Email Appointments’. Added new test names. 10/06/2010 Added ability to change Panel background colour in DCP Settings. Changed user detection coding for PS3 versions. 06/06/2010 Switched to LOINC codes for pathology detection which should increase pickup rates for lipid tests as these were often included under test names such as ‘GENERAL BIOCHEM’. Redone user detection to account for problems with syncing users in pracsoft. 24/05/2010 Added Panel icon for emailing appointments to doctors in format similar to panel prompts. Allows planning and preemptive preventive care preparation. Can also just be used to notify doctors of their upcoming appointments. Can be used by staff to rally doctors to action. 23/05/2010 Fixed Nurse10997 prompt. Added yet more code for managing broken sql connections. 03/05/2010 Completed May MBS Item updates. Added more robust sql connection error detection for lost sql connections. 21/04/2010 Fixed Visual Acuity tooltip on panel(LR) 20/04/2010 Added ability in Settings to exclude item numbers from the Billing timeline eg helping to avoid clutter if there are many 10996 – you can now exclude 10996 from showing up on the timeline. Fixed a minor error on current user detection (hopefully the last bug for user detection). 13/04/2010 Added Recalls(Reminders in BP) to clinical section of panel. Colour Yellow indicating Recalls and actions due within 30 days. Added new checks for current user to fix a bug where DCP not detecting current user and panel not popping up. 05/04/2010 Added a Twitter Community Page for users of the DCP to share tweets. Fixed Personal Usage stats. 03/04/2010 Fixed APCC Stats Filter History . 28/03/2010 DCP automatically switches to Access Mode when appointment software is being used. This allows more flexibility in using the DCP at front desk to print envelopes and access other functions. 18/03/2010 Reduced Memory requirements of application – now will use less than 1 Meg memory when panel idle (more if other forms open), 10Meg peak during patient updates .There is still 50Meg+ peak memory usage during startup. Fixed problem on Wedgetail upload form patient list display.

 I have now automated the build and deployment process completely using MSBuild , SmartAssembly and FTP. Have performed a slightly botched initial test today. Automated build and deploy reduces manual processing and time required to deploy dramatically – down from 2.5 hours to about 10 minutes for the 6 versions of the DCP. 16/03/2010 Fixed Google Maps. Fixed Patient List failing to enable add patient button when changing list. Added new error handling across the board(required a total rewrite of all assemblies) allowing sending error messages to online repository with full stack trace support. Added detection of Fluvax as H1N1 equivalent. Changed the way appointments are detected. Brought BP versions up to date with MD3 versions. Changed Form startup behaviour for PCD’s, TCD’s etc to start faster. Included LINQ support for DotNet2 via LinqBridge (Allows alternative programming techniques). Changed resource storage of templates so that it will be much simpler to include changed templates in future builds. 05/03/2010 Added ability to drag panel around the screen. Fixed Wedgetail Patient lookup for wedgetail beta and added pathology result narrative upload. Changed behaviour of Ticket printer, Quick results and Patient Lists to track current patient. Fixes for various bugs. Added ability to Place menu items for PCD documents on MBS and Custom prompts. Fixed templates for various PCD’s – still lots more work to be done. BP Version lagging again. 16/02/2010 Added Family Icon on Panel to show family members(Requires Head of Family to be set in clinical software). 09/02/2010 Added AUSDIAB prompt to Targets which directs to use AUSDIAB RISK ASSESSMENT in PCD’s. Changed Gardasil hint and pbs status. Changed NIDDMRE default rules and hint. Added new filter type which detects scoring on questionnaires. 08/02/2010 Improved and expanded Patient Questionnaires on Patient Centric Document Form. Now have multiple choice, single choice and text input answer variations. Now allows reload answers of previously completed questionnaires. Now also allows viewing and printing summaries of all completed questionnaires. Added in answer functionality to some of the standard supplied templates eg Annual Health Assesment. Database for storing results of questionnaires (scores and previous answers) will use the central network location set up in settings ‘PatientDataDirectory’ 04/02/2010 Fixed a bug causing error message when patient changes – only affected MD3 standalone and BP versions of the DCP. 03/02/2010 Fixed BP error on PathAtom retrieval from sql tables. Fixed User Not detected for MD3 version (Panel would not display patient) when the user had been added through MD3 Add user and therefore no Initial ID assigned. Added Scores output to questionnaire forms in PCD. 01/02/2010 Added Questionnaire with scoring to Patient Centric Documents. (Now you dont have to type ‘x’ or ‘o’ over those checkboxes in templates / rtf documents. Simply use the Questionnaire function to edit items rapidly. Fixed parsing urine protein analysis from MSU reports. Added a dozen or so new templates which are using the new questionnaire ability within the PCD’s. 26/01/2010 Fixed error related to SqlCe data provider mismatch. 22/01/2010 Added Security check for export patient data privileges (You must have this privilege enabled in the Clinical Software Security options – In MD3 Setup Users — > Make sure the option to export data is enabled. Have updated errors related to Sql2000 Bug and many more. 15/01/2010 Fixed Incorrect SqlCe version error showing up when some users were upgrading. 13/01/2010 Last version was updating patient information too frequently – now fixed. Fixed error detecting certain Out of surgery Consults. 20/12/2009 Wedgetail Results now fully integrated after a prologed and successful Beta program. Fixed panel sliding down below taskbar. Added maual ECG import detection (MD3 only). Fixed errors with PostSharp module(upgraded to version 2). Filter History added to APCC Stats & register form. Removed panel animation options. Corrected Panel activation – no longer takes focus from forefront application window. 04/12/2009 Fixed H1N1 immunisation detection. Multiple fixes for BP version of DCP eg fixed Family History prompt. Updated Rules for Lipid Testing beginning age 45 for latest Red Book Guidelines. Fixed a bug with the Beta Wedgetail results upload – was incorrectly determining action code for ‘discussion action’ in MD3 version in last weeks update. 18/11/2009 Upgraded signing cert for Malvern Residential Care Doctors Group. Enhanced pathology test detection now uses custom entered codes. Enhanced sql connection error detection – will now retry broken connections. Fixed errors with installing updates on certain systems. Fixed error on BP-PS3 version sql coding external ID lookups. Added many new codings eg H1N1 vaccine codes. Fixed error “application cannot start, contact application vendor” . Added keyboard shortcuts for Ticket print form. Added enhancement to Access Mode – ‘FilterUserAccessMode’ setting (only appointments entered by current clinical software user trigger DCP panel popup in ). Startup folder icons fixed. 15/10/2009 Added extra logic for NHMRC Absolute Cardivascular risk calculation – various risk groups now automatically regarded as High Risk and age differentiation for ATSI 35yo vs nonATSI 45yo. Removing the Starup folder icons temporarily and switching back to automatic update on startup to enable code signing certificate change(Old certificate is expiring). Added new NHMR pdf Resource for Absolute Cardivascular risk calculation. Fixed bug on Wedgetail results upload for BP version of application. 03/10/2009 Added H1N1(Panvax) to recommended vaccines. Implemented Beta testing of Wedgetail Results Upload facility for Beta testers. 08/09/2009 Added new Filters (Pension status, CVRisk score and CustomFields for MD3). Fixed bug causing application to crash if DotNet Runtime 3.5 not installed (was dependency error in previous deployments). Windows 7 campatibility verified (Now wishing MD3 will do the same). 20/08/2009 Added APCC stats by individual doctor for MD3 only and BP only versions. Fixed up some bugs in stats coding. Now runs as native 64 bit application on 64 bit OS. Changed Pin icon on panel. Results upload facility has now entered early beta trials. Added visually appealing Aero glass affect for Vista/Win7. 06/08/2009 Fixed the problem of DCP not apppearing on task tray when started from startup folder. Added Service Provider Access to Envelope Printer. 04/08/2009 New deployment and update technique now used. Program no longer checks for update at startup, but checks for updates in the background when running – once weekly (to decrease load on server). (If the application does not automatically update – you can always install / run from website to get the latest update. Also can use link on about form to check for updates (no need to uninstall).) 26/07/2009 Added patient list tracking.(I was sick of tracking patients in Excel) . Can now track whos borrowed the sphygmo, whos seen the diabetes educator etc 14/07/2009 Fixed error in date lookup of lipid/HBA1c manually entered measurements. Fixed error causing crash when lipid date not entered. Added Splash Screen. 22/06/2009 Basic CRUD sychronisation of templates for all users on local network is now possible. Set PatientdataDirectory (in settings) to local network shared location.

 Updated medication handling and created new UI for selecting medications for rules etc.

 Fixed bugs in BP version related to medication handling. 12/06/2009 Added ability to store Service Provider database on networked location (allows sharing of service providers configured in PCD editor). 18/05/2009 Added an ‘Access Mode’ ,for Md3+PS3 version (configured in Settings) ,for front desk staff- DCP pops up for each patient entered into Appointment Book.(Now Secretaries can be part of the team and initiate longer appointments WHEN PATIENTS RING FOR AN APPOINTMENT when many red prompts, Annual Health Assessment due etc). Updated to the current 2009 RedBook Guidelines(only a few minor changes in rules eg Chlamydia screening for females) (chlamydia screening was previously in extended prompts). Added MMSE examination for extended prompts. Added ability to create desktop and startup icons(configured in Settings). Added CVRisk Calculation (based on NZ/RACG calculations) to targets section. 23/04/2009 Fixed a few bugs – Null Data Exception on some records, Preg Calc error, manually entered path results (eg “FOB” and “Colonoscopy”) are now detected, and a few others.

 Added new templates to PCD’s and new Snippet types including fixed tables eg History , Medications. 13/03/2009 Added Skype-Out button to panel and envelope printer, visible if you have Skype installed. (Set the STD Code in settings). 09/03/2009 Added new section on DCP panel for ‘Targets’. This covers targets for cholesterol / LDL / TRIG / BMI / Gluc / BP.

 Shows a red pill shaped prompt when targets not met.

 Eg. LDL > 2.5 in diabetic or LDL > 2.0 in IHD patient –> LDL PROMPT SHOWN.

 Added Renal Impairment, leukaemia,LVH, Lymphoma, Myeloma and splenectomy to searchable PHx items. Fixed BP/PS3 version – Now independently confirmed working – as I cannot test it myself . 01/03/2009 New Version of DCP Added for Best Practice Clinical plus PS3. Had to rewrite much of the data layer plumbing for this. Added new Snippet – Medication to PCD/TCD’s. Added new Return from patient Envelope to envelope printer. 25/02/2009 Fixed calulation of pneumovax schedule error. 24/02/2009 Added appointment note from billing package to DCP panel prompts – now you dont have to check the appointment schedule to get this info.

 Fixed errors from immunisation new code. 22/02/2009 Added Improved immunisation schedule handling(now handles high risk patient groups eg 3 dose course for pneumovax in smokers and other high risk patients). Simplified settings for immunisation schedule. Fixed problem with settings not saving for pathology items. 18/02/2009 Added real time stats collection of performance (number of prompts actioned – not including pathology). 16/02/2009 Added GPMP to Patient Register Excel export fields. 04/02/2009 Added Ability to Filter by billing status when perfoming patient register creation. This allows creation searching for overdue EPC items such as AHA’s, GPMP’s etc. 03/02/2009 Fixed a few minor errors primarily in BP version. Updated Best Practice Versions. 02/02/2009 Added Team Centric Documents. Derivative of Patient centric documents, which allows creation of documents such as action lists and data collection sheets, merge documents etc for the days appointments. Perfect for teams. 01/02/2009 Added ability for envelope printer to use custom sender information – can now be used at front desk by clerical staff. 16/01/2009 Panel now has icon for online record / results posting. This uses referralnet to post results and patient information to an online E-Record website. Currently in alpha test using staging service. 10/01/2009 Fixed age calculation for leap year error. Added Icons on Panel for commonly used tasks – Envelope printer, Google Maps, Quick Results.

 Added Patient Centric Document icon on Panel – this is a Beta version of new template system. 15/12/2008 The DCP now has offline resources that are downloaded as required. These are the Red Book Guidelines, Diabetes Management Guidelines , Current MBS Schedule and Current Immunisation guideline. These adobe acrobat files are downloaded when the user clicks menu items to view these. There is 8.37 Megabytes of documents in total, which is why these files are treated as optional and not installed initially. If there are firewalls on your machine which prevent applications from accessing the internet then these documents will not be viewable. 13/12/2008 Updated MD3 standalone and both Best Practice Versions of software. These now include the Diabetes Export Register Functionality accessible via Menu item ‘APCC’. Fixed the bugs in BP version arising from Papsmears Function. 04/12/2008 Added Diabetes_Assessment/Chol/LDL/HDL/Chol_Ratio to Diabetes register export. 03/12/2008 Added Diabetes Assessment on Measure section of DCP panel(perform annually if history of diabetes. 28/11/2008 Paediatric BMI Plot via Right click on DCP panel.(Enter weight and height in MD3 for patient aged 2 – 20yo and the new menu item will be available on the panel). 21/11/2008 Added APCC(Australian Primary Care Collaboratives) menu item. Opens form for creation of Diabetes Register, Astham and IHD register plus Display Red Book guideline report for these patients. Incomplete at this stage (only spent a few hours creating it after the first APCC collaboratives meeting – expect much more work on this over the coming months as the APCC continues). 01/11/2008 Added Data Collection Research Sheets(Prints out Red Book Guideline Reports for patients to read, allowing facilitation of compliance with Red Book Guidelines – for research project headed by Dr Oliver Frank in South Australia) 01/10/2008 Tooltip colouring/layout changed(again). Added default message to ADT [****A booster dose of low dose dTpa is recommended for the following groups, but is not funded: – Before planning pregnancy…..etc] 27/09/2008 Fixed error on BP version preventing startup. Fixed error on BP version causing error when running on SQL2000(did not effect slq2005). Updated Height/HBA1C/Glu rules. Fixed BP version Medications -now correctly detects statin class. 17/09/2008 Changed tooltip colouring scheme again. (hopefully this will make the important data standout). Note that when copying from the DCP the items will be coloured rich text also. 21/08/2008 Begun work on generating patient centric personalised documents for epc items. (Templated documents are too infexible to fill this function).

 Added Colouring to Tooltips shown when clicking on the DCP.

 Discovered that the Best Practice version will only function on the current Best Practice Beta(Not the widely distributed retail release) 05/08/2008 Fixed error in Best Practice version connection string. Note – the bpsrawdata account only exists in the latest Beta version of Best Practice. 01/08/2008 Beta version of DCP released for Best Practice Software. 31/07/2008 Added Google Map Directions from Surgery to Patient Address via right click menu. Added Added Google Map Directions from patient address to consult location on the envelope printer. 18/07/2008 New Version For MD3 standalone setups released. This version can be installed on any MD3 workstation and does not require PS3 to be installed. This version does not have billing integration. 17/07/2008 Added Pregnancy prompt in clinical section.

 Added Action List printing for Visual acuity, Medication Reviews, Physical activity Assessments. Also fixed overlap printing on action list.

 Changed Menu Layout slightly – makes it more obvious how to change the date for printing lists. 16/07/2008 Added MBS Item info when Right click on MBS Items.

 Added option to not print return address on envelopes.

 Aspirin and Statin Suggested medication prompts now correctly determine presence of warfarin and statin alternatives in the medication list. 14/07/2008 Altered display and handling of Reviewable MBS items. Now provides information of status of original item on left side of the pill shaped prompt and status of review on right side of pill. Now also includes information on recommended vs minimum repeat intervals. eg TCA minimum repeat interval = 12 months and recommended interval = 24 months. TCA Review Item minimum repeat interval = 3 months and recommended interval = 6 months. A new colour (Orange) indicates that state when the minimum period has elapsed and the item is repeatable if circumstances have changed. Hope this makes sense. Here the TCA is current and the first TCA Review is able to be performed (ie the minimum period (3/12) has elapsed) but not yet recommended(i.e. the recommended period, 6/12, has not elapsed). 11/07/2008 Added Item 713 Type 2 Diabetes Risk Evaluation and Items 709/711 Healthy Kids Check to the MBS Items Section on the DCP. Also Added a menu item for Healthy Kids Check report when 4yo child file opened in Medical Director (this was added before I realised that a letter template would serve better). 10/07/2008 Internalised the envelope printer to a form. Now shown on main menu. I use this a lot.

 Fixed a settings error occurring when a non doctor logs in to MDW. 26/06/2008 Added Menu Item, shown only for diabetic patients, for Diabetes PIP Sheets.


 Also Added Physical Activity Assessments, Visual Acuity and Medication Reviews to Measurements Section on DCP. 19/06/2008 Changed Icon.

 Added options in settings to speed up appearance / disapparance (Instant, fast or default). Also unpinning causes the window to disappear instantly. 06/06/2008 Changed text output from right clicking items/sections to better enable inclusion in TCA’s, GPMxPlans Health assessments etc. Fixed a few minor ommissions in default rule set. 31/05/2008 Added ability to copy prompts and sections to the clipboard by right clicking on prompts/headings displayed on the DCP. This will be enhanced to facilitate generation of TCA/GPMx Plans text in a later release.

 Removed the stethoscope backgound image. 29/05/2008 Fixed Last BP Measurement date detection bug. Fixed bug for MBS Item lookup in last release.

 Enhanced MBS Items timeline to show months on the timeline. 28/05/2008 Added Billing timeline on DCP. Indicates item numbers, Bulk billed(green background) vs Private (pale blue background), performed by current doctor (black text) or other doctor (red text). Clicking on items will show extended details. Shows up to 12 months of billings on the DCP. Does not show item 10990’s or miscelaneous items(only item numbers with numeric first digit shown). 26/05/2008 BP Measurement now represents most recent of Sit/Stand/Lie measurements.

 Default rule for TCA and GPMx Plan now includes diabetes. 17/05/2008 Added Action List Prompts in Clinical Section.

 Changed default Suggested Medication prompt for aspirin–> exclude if patient on warfarin.

 Changed default startup behaviour so that DCP will not run unless MDW3 already running.

 Added a default rule for asthma management plans 16/05/2008 Added ability to use DCP on the Samples Database. Simply log in to MDW , database = SAMPLES_HCN, user = ‘A. Practitioner’ , password = ‘password’. 14/05/2008 Fixed data retreival from several Sql queries that were returning deleted items. 13/05/2008 Adding Rich Text Output ability (includes formatting ability and table generation) . Minor feature that will later enable generating document parts for preventive care MBS items. i.e. auto generate parts of Health assessments, TCA’s etc based on information in the database. 11/05/2008 Changing name of application to DCP (Doctors Control Panel).

 Added Smoker/Exsmoker and Alcohol Usage warnings to clinical section on DCP.

 Fixed Error with default Intel Disability HA Rules 08/05/2008 Added detection of Residential care patients for MBS ITem Rules support (RMRR, CMA,TCA, DMMR and GPMxP).

 Added Dropdown filter for patients last consultation time frame on statistics form. Added several more charts to the statistics chart tab. 07/05/2008 Fixed bug causing problems related to incorrect detection of current patient and current user in MDW. Bug caused by debugging and creating application in terminal services mode in which MDW behaves differently than when running locally. This should fix problem of application crashing on startup when MDW has never been run in terminal service mode. 06/05/2008 Added new funtionality for Pathology and Measurement Rules. Can now check for existing abnormal measurements eg Systolic BP > 140, BSL > 5.5 in non diabetic, chol > 5.5 etc Allows greater finesse and approximation of all Red Book Guidelines. I have updated the default Rules to include abnormal measurements and more closely approximate the RBG.

 Updated Immunisation prompts to correctly display PBS status of the validated Rule. 05/05/2008 Corrected PAP Smears in pathology Prompts to also detect manually entered PAP Smear data.

 Added Scaling to Statistics Charts.

 Added ability to filter by last Visit Date to statistics form.

 Default rules modified

 – Added rule for Microalbumin – check every twelve months if age > 50 and history of hypertension.

 – Modified Rule for BSL

 – Modified Rules for Chol, Trig, HDL 04/05/2008 Default rules modified

 – Corrected PIP PAP default rule to exclude patients with history of hysterectomy.

 Added Pie Charts to statistics form. 02/05/2008 Added waist, PEFR,FVC,FEV1 to available measurements on Data Collection sheet, and activity list.

 Updated defaults for Waist, height and weight to more closely reflect RBG.

 Added prototype statistics Form (required for current PDSA being run – See Blog) . Shows numbers of patients from the practice population requiring measurements based on the rules defined. Numbers are broken down to individual rules (patient sub groups). 01/05/2008 Added Respiratory Measurements – Asthma Action Plan, PEFR, FVC,FEV1.

 Added Cardiovascular measurement – Murmur

 Added Tetanus to list of immunisations

 Change appearance of AgeRule to reflect underlying numeric age 30/04/2008 Added Vaxigrip to the default list of Influenza Vaccine Codes and Cervarix to the list of Cervical HPV vaccines. See Help 29/04/2008 Fixed layout of patient name when waiting room shown.

 Still getting an error when installed on some workstations (running win 2000) that results in an Error ‘object instance is null. CANNOT continue’.

 Fixed Data Collection form not recognising previous results as valid.



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